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BERG FlatGround CHAMPION Grey 430 (14 ft)

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BERG_FlatGround_Champion_Grey_with_women_SOJDRPSFMHUP.png BERG-Champion-FlatGround_Square_6_SO6U4H5AHRJK.jpg BERG-Champion-FlatGround_Square_5_SO6U4HIOMDDM.jpg BERG-Champion-FlatGround_Square_4_SO6U4GTCHUNR.jpg BERG-Champion-FlatGround_Square_2_SO6U4I654VR8.jpg 04-FlatGround_Airflow_Technology_EN_RXRDVHQTZBVN.jpg BERG_FlatGround_Champion_Airflow_RXRDVKITNPKI.jpg BERG-Champion-FlatGround_Square_7_SO6U4HTGSYJS.jpg BERG_FlatGround_Champion_TwinSpring_Gold_RXRDWPCTKKDZ.jpg 05-FlatGround_stabilized_design_grey_RXRDVI960XBU.jpg 07-FlatGround_Frame_Installation_RXRDVJ81WCIO.jpg flatground-instructions_4_2_SO6UFQBEQUNQ.jpg SHOPIFY_Champion_Flatground2(1)_SOCM1AE1CE2I.png

10 Year Frame Warranty (regisiter your trampoline within 3 months and extend this to 13 years)
2 Year Safety Padding Warranty
2 Year Airflow Jump Mat Warranty
5 Year TwinSpring Warranty

The BERG Champion FlatGround is perfectly integrated in your garden (see installation videos below)

Strong frame 
A strong heavy duty frame is an integral part of any trampoline. The Flatground Champion range uses Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS), the dimensions are 120mm x 40mm x 2mm thick. The frame is galvanised and powder coated, which ensures a rustproof trampoline. No other trampoline brand has a 10 years warranty for Inground trampolines. 

Unique AIRFLOW jump mat & twinspring
BERG have a unique patented AirFlow jumping mat that separates them from the competition. The unique weave creates less resistance allowing 50% more air permeation when compared with a standard jumping mat. Good airflow ensures less resistance while jumping, which is why you can make higher jumps, it is easier on the body's joints too. The Champion Flatground is the only trampoline in New Zealand to have twice the amount of springs when compared to regular trampolines. Combined with the AIRFLOW matt the jump experience is un-matched. 

Larger jumping surface with TwinSpring Gold springs
Jumping near the edge of the AIRFLOW matt is excellent when compared to other regular trampolines. Because there is 2 x the amount of springs and the TwinSpring Gold springs are placed at an angle, the optimal jumping area is spread further out to the edges.  

Extremely UV-resistant protective edge and extra strength
The cover of the Champion range protective edge is made from high quality PVC, extremely UV-resistant and precise workmanship. The laminated foam insert is 30mm thick and 410mm wide. 

This protective edge has special noise-reducing straps and additional springs. This allows the air underneath the trampoline to escape and the protective edge will not rattle and slap against the springs. With a BERG Champion FlatGround you choose quality.

BERG Flatground Champion Trampoline- 12.5 ft

  • Its level with the grass so looks discrete and easy to access.
  • The BERG Flatground Champion is equipped with the unique BERG Airflow jumping mat.
  • This provides 50% more air permeation, enabling you to make even better jumps.
  • The BERG Flatground Champion is very quiet due to the straps in the protective edges – reducing the noise level
  • The extra wide protective edge has a longer service life due to the weatherproof PVC material.
  • The patented frame is easy to assemble as install

The AirFlow product innovation is only available on the BERG Champion and BERG Elite lines. This includes the EazyFit and Grand Champion.

Model                                     Colour Diameter    Number of springs Trampoline height Entrance height      Test weight     Max. user weight
BERG Champion FlatGround 430 Grey     430mm                 128                     0cm                     0cm               600kg             120kg