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Pedal Go Karts Warranty
Trampoline Warranty 
Playbase Warranty
Pedal Go Karts Age and Length Chart

Flatground Trampoline Hole Dimensions
Inground Trampolines Hole Dimensions
Trampoline Batch Number Guide
FAQ Water on Trampolines

Please note that extended warranties must be registered online to be claimed

Outdoor Top Toys stocks a range of Berg Toys, a Dutch owned manufacturer and world leader in pedal go karts, trampolines and outdoor play equipment.

Prior to a BERG product reaching the market, it is tested extensively. For each BERG product you will also find extensive instructions on how to best to maintain your toy. It is important that you read these carefully to ensure your BERG product is well-maintained and enjoys a long life. 

However, occasionally something could go wrong. Over time certain components may wear out. We guarantee that you will be able to order any spare parts for the go-kart / bike you purchased from Outdoor Top Toys, for up to five years after purchase. If for some reason a spare part is no longer available we will assist you at that point.

If something breaks during the warranty period, please contact Outdoor Top Toys as soon as possible, with the original purchase receipt. Please also provide the batch number which can be found on the BERG product or on the packaging. View the PDF above to find the batch number.

If something has broken but the warranty period has already lapsed this is also no problem! Spare parts are available separately for a long time after purchase, and in most cases you will easily be able to replace a broken part yourself!