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Every great business starts from an idea or an inspiration. Inspiration came from a cool ‘old school’ red pedal truck spotted through the window of a 2nd hand shop in Thames, NZ. Instant thoughts of my childhood, building a cart out of old timber and trolley wheels and racing around the place. Purchasing the red pedal truck for nephews and nieces they had a blast on it with all their friends, surprisingly it still looks new, you can’t beat good solid craftsmanship.

Our family have a restaurant and every Sunday many families visit, the children love to ride the cart, they pedal till they are exhausted, they take to the slopes too and just have the best time. The thought there could be an opportunity to produce and sell pedal cars arose and the idea explored further.

Quality was the main feature when researching pedal karts, and so Berg Toys was discovered, a Dutch owned manufacturer and world leader in pedals carts. After visiting Holland and the Berg Toys factory, the pre-requirement for a quality product both in design and finish was met, and the decision to distribute BERG in New Zealand was made. 

Karts are loads of fun, exploring, challenging one-self both mentally and physically, there are loads of benefits. So, get in touch anytime to discuss the BERG pedal go-karts or trampolines, we would love to hear from you. 

Owner/Operator of Outdoor Top Toys
kids enjoy pedal go kart