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Every great business starts from an idea or an inspiration. My inspiration came from a cool ‘old school’ red pedal truck spotted through the window of a 2nd hand shop in Thames, NZ. I instantly thought of my childhood, building a cart out of old timber and trolley wheels and racing around the place. I purchased the red pedal truck for my nephews and nieces and they have been flogging it since, surprisingly it still looks new, you can’t beat good solid craftsmanship.

My family have a restaurant and every  Sunday many families visit, the children love to ride the cart, they pedal till they are exhausted, challenge the hills and just have the best time. It was then I thought there could be an opportunity to produce and sell pedal cars, I would explore this idea further.

I had initially decided to dismantle and re-produce half a dozen red pedal trucks (fibreglass mould) and test the market. I have a very large family and network of friends who I shared the idea with, many with young children of their own. They were all very interested but unaware where pedal carts could be purchased, I found some online but the quality was just not there. Further research led me to Berg Toys, a Dutch owned manufacturer and world leader in pedals carts. I visited Holland and the Berg Toys factory and was blown away by the quality, design and finish of these carts. I decided then, that we had to have then in New Zealand, and so Outdoor Top Toys was born.

I’m lucky to have had a great upbringing when it comes to the outdoors, creating and building your own fun, climbing trees, grazing your knees, building carts, huts, exploring nature and learning through experience. There weren’t any Ipads or handhelds then. The next generation have it different but I would much rather see them outside, having fun, exploring and challenging themselves both mentally and physically. It is these life experiences that help shape a person, experiences that you can’t gain from the entertainment an electronic device brings and I would hope that many parents encourage their children to do the same.

I look forward to introducing new outdoor leisure products for children, become a friend and watch this space. Happy carting in the meantime!

Adam Nooyen
Founder and Director of Outdoor Top Toys
kids enjoy pedal go kart