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BERG XL B.Super Blue BFR

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preview_8715839076141_BERG_XXL_B.Super_Blue_E-BFR-3_right-slanted_SNFGQXOELO3Q.jpeg preview_8715839076141_BERG_XXL_B.Super_Blue_E-BFR-3_back_SNFGQWNYFJ4X.jpeg preview_8715839076141_BERG_XXL_B.Super_Blue_E-BFR-3_front_SNFGQX1EZOHE.jpeg preview_8715839076141_BERG_XXL_B.Super_Blue_E-BFR-3_right_SNFGQXBS28QU.jpeg 8715839076141_BERG_XL_B.Super_Red+XL_B.Super_Yellow+_XXL_B.Super_Blue_M1_SOIM2RZR5HUP.jpg


BERG B. Super Blue BFR is luxurious. Having been built on the basis of 35 years of experience, these features will not go unnoticed! You can pedal fast while being super safe & comfortable. The smooth rolling wheels, the coaster brake and the durable frame will keep you stable while you maintain full control; brake with the pedals or the handbrake. Be extra, add an accessory such as a trailer, second seat or flashing lights!

  • Four wheel stability
  • Adjustable seat [5 options]
  • Robust steel powder coated frame suitable for commercial use
  • Pneumatic [air filled] tyres ensure supreme comfort
  • Maintain full control with the coaster brake, hand brake and parking brake
  • Unique BFR technology [Brake – Freewheel – Reverse] allows you to pedal forwards, backwards and brake
  • Freewheel allows you to ‘coast’ so while the cart is still moving the pedals remain still
  • Swing axle keeps you firmly grounded
  • Ball bearings makes pedalling super light
  • Mud guards keep you protected
  • Easy to assemble
  • Handy & fun accessories available
  • User height 125cm – 190cm
  • Max user weight 100kgs


  • Length: 155.5 cm
  • Width: 80.5 cm
  • Height: 86 cm
  • Weight: 43.1 kg
  • Recommended age: 5+ years