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preview_Berg_X-ite_BFR_right_side_slanted_SNFGO0V9OBPP.jpeg preview_Berg_X-ite_BFR_left_side_slanted_SO948R1YDZSR.jpeg Shopify_X-ite_BFR_SOBS0GN1H8QX.png preview_BERG_X-ite_+_boy_1_SNFGNZIJKRO7.jpeg preview_Berg_X-ite_BFR_back_side_SNFGO0GFP0IF.jpeg preview_Berg_X-ite_BFR_front_SNFGPFX2Z9A0.jpeg preview_Berg_X-ite_BFR_right_side_SO94881CZQYP.jpeg BERG X-ite BFR

BERG developed the BERG X-ite for trendy go-kart lovers. The graphics are inspired by motor cross bikes and give the go-kart a robust and trendy touch.

The details set this cart apart from all the rest.  The swing-axle moves you easily over uneven ground, the air tyres offer a supple and light ride & the seat is easy to adjust so everyone (from the age of 5) can get on this baby & be ready to go! Be extra, add an accessory such as a trailer, second seat or flashing lights!

  • Four wheel stability
  • Adjustable seat [5 options]
  • Robust steel powder coated frame suitable for commercial use
  • Pneumatic [air filled] tyres ensure supreme comfort
  • Maintain full control with the coaster brake, hand brake and parking brake
  • Unique BFR technology [Brake – Freewheel – Reverse] allows you to pedal forwards, backwards and brake
  • Freewheel allows you to ‘coast’ so while the cart is still moving the pedals remain still
  • Swing axle keeps you firmly grounded
  • Ball bearings makes pedalling super light
  • Mud guards keep you protected
  • Easy to assemble
  • Handy & fun accessories available
  • User height 125cm – 190 cm
  • Max user weight 100kgs