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BERG Ultim Elite Flatground 500 Grey 5.0m x 3.0m

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BERG_Ultim_Elite_FlatGround_500_Grey_SO97C8369RN7.jpg BERG-Elite-InGround+net_Square_5_SO4R0DNK065P.jpg BERG-UlitmElite-FlatGround+net_Square_4_SO97C66C9DF3.jpg BERG-UlitmElite-FlatGround_Square_5_SO97C6HE5FMD.jpg BERG-UlitmElite-FlatGround_Square_6_SO97C78W6SY5.jpg frame_5_SO97K4NJSL1F.jpg pad_support_1_SO97K4YEINEG.jpg pads_1_SO97K5BOWP4P.jpg preview_BERG-Elite-FlatGround_Square_7_SO97LZRCPBR7.jpeg preview_BERG_FlatGround_Ultim_Elite_500_Black_SOJDVWTRCACW.jpg BERG_FlatGround_Ultim_Elite_500_Black_SOJDXKASSY5W.jpg

The Ultim Elite Flatground 500 is the largest flatground trampoline that BERG offer, it has the best bounce on the market.

The Ultim Elite Flatground 500 really is the the Ultimate sprung trampoline, packed with features that set this aside from any other trampoline available. If you want a luxury, high qaulity trampoline that will last the test of time, this is the one for you!

This BERG Ultim Elite Trampoline package includes:

  • 500cm x 300cm (16ft 4" x 9ft 10") BERG Ultim Elite trampoline with grey pads.
  • 'Airflow' bed with 50% more air permeatation when compared with a standard jumping mat.  Good airflow ensures less resistance while jumping, which is what makes this trampoline extra bouncy!
  • Large rectangular frame galvanised inside and outside steel frame for long lasting rust free protection.
  • Bigger diameter 'Gold' springs with a 'V' configuration for a better and stronger bounce - see images.
  • 45mm thick PVC padding 44cm wide with a 5 YEAR Warranty - features the new 'gap less' design for a smooth, safer finish.

Trampoline Frame

Galvanised and powder coated steel frame covered by a 13 year warranty against rust causing failure.

Trampoline Bed:

Airflow design making it boncer than a standard bed.  Weatherproof, soft surface UV stabilised, polypropylene woven mesh mat with multiple lines of perimeter stitching, the mesh allows for easy drainage, so ideal for outside use.

Frame Pads:

  • 45mm thick PVC with a 5 year warranty made from closed cell foam to exclude water.
  • The Pads have an extra heavy layer of PVC which will last much longer than inferior PE, they will even outlast the BERG Champion pads by about 2 - 3 times. 
  • The pads are 44cm wide, no other BERG trampoline has thicker or wider pads, to ensure there is no chance of jumpers landing on any exposed part. The Pads are securely tied to the frame of the trampoline to ensure they are always in the correct position.
  • The padding covering is also UV treated to protect against harmful rays from the sun.

Trampoline Safety

No more than one person at a time on the trampoline. Multiple jumpers increase the risk of injury. Do not perform somersaults (flips), paralysis or death may result if you land on your head or neck. Adult supervision recommended.  Please leave a 2m safety zone all around your trampoline