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BERG JEEP Revolution BFR

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Jeep_Revolution_Pedal_Go-kart_BFR_(6)_REPNHFQCQMPB.png Jeep_Revolution_Pedal_Go-kart_BFR_(4)_REPNHWHQYEOC.png Jeep_Revolution_Pedal_Go-kart_BFR_REPNHTXQRXN9.png BERG_Jeep_Revolution_BFR_with_boy.jpg_REPNH1BQC8PP.jpg BERG_Jeep_revolution_BFR_with_boy_and_girl.jpg_REPNGXBA0WYO.jpg BERG_Spare_Wheel_JEEP__REPNHY67NRGV.jpg Jeep_Revolution_BFR_pedal_go-kart_front_SNFH9R0QN4TA.jpg Jeep_Revolution_BFR_pedal_go-kart_back_with_rollbar_and_wheel_SNFH9SRD6S8C.jpg Jeep_Revolution_BFR_pedal_go-kart_detail_view_SNFH9UMH3UVB.jpg Jeep_Revolution_BFR_pedal_go-kart_right_side_with_rollbar_and_wheel_SNFH9W4A8MV2.jpg Jeep_Revolution_BFR_pedal_go-kart_left_side_SNFH9XVMYPOK.jpg Jeep_Revolution_BFR_pedal_go-kart_right_side_SNFH9EYHV5II.jpg

Genuine licensed Jeep kart. Are you looking for something that also appeals to the slightly older youth? This model is guaranteed to draw their attention! The Jeep Revolution is not a go-kart to be sniffed at. The colour combination, tyres and spare tyre give this model a very cool look. Teenagers are queuing up for it.

The Jeep Revolution has the same fame as other BFR karts, the wheels are much larger and built for more ruggered terrain. 

Roll-Bar and Spare wheel with cover are additonal accessories. 


  • Suitable for children aged 5 and older
  • Equipped with the unique BFR system. That’s why this go-kart has a back-pedal brake and you can pedal safely forwards and backwards.
  • Many years of driving fun thanks to six adjustable seating positions.
  • Thanks to the swing axle, optimal grip even on uneven terrain.
  • Double ballbearing
  • The go-kart has a parking brake for more safety.
  • Thanks to the double ball bearings in the steering system, steering is extremely light. It makes the go-kart very manoeuvrable.

  • Length: 156 cm
  • Width: 84 cm
  • Height: 86 cm
  • Weight: 51 kg


  • Light set
  • Flag and universal fitting
  • Passenger seat
  • Large Trailer
  • Spare tyre
  • Roll-bar