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BERG Gran Tour F Race 4-Seater

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BERG_Gran_Tour_Racer_4_seats_RX4IQ44XSSXT.jpg BERG_Gran_Tour_Racer_4_seats__(2)_RX4IQ5BU7LQ4.jpg BERG_Gran_Tour_Racer_4_seats__(3)_RX4IQ5YB89XR.jpg BERG_Gran_Tour_Racer_4_seats__(1)_RX4IQ4QDVN2A.jpg BERG_Gran_Tour_Racer_(2)_RX4IQ0YZEIRI.jpg BERG_GranTour_Racer_4seats_RDJ6LZ07M5Y6.jpg BERG_Grantour_RDJ6LV3ZZ9F6.jpg BERG_Gran_Tour_Racer_RX4IQ33ZSB1X.jpg BERG_Gran_Tour_Racer_4_seats__RX4IQ6K12TNZ.jpg BERG_Gran_Tour_Racer_4_seats_incl_(1)_RX4IQ7DIJPT0.jpg BERG_Gran_Tour_Racer_4_seats_incl_(2)_RX4IQCZ224ML.jpg BERG_Gran_Tour_Racer_4_seats_incl_RX4IQDMB3X3C.jpg BERG_Gran_Tour_Racer_4_seats__1__RNUX3R5Z1CGD_SNESBREWO6TO.jpg

BERG GRANTOUR F RACE 4-SEATER (Sunroof not included see accessories page)

An attraction for any recreation park: the BERG Gran Tour! With its attractive designs this family bicycle provides unforgettable moments for your visitors. In our ‘Professional line’ BERG quality is also paramount, so that this family bicycle can be rented out for a very long time, making it a profitable addition to your company!

- Suitable for 2 adults and 2 children (at the front)
- Reliable and safe steering
- Two rear and two front seats. Front seats are in combination with seat belts
- Handbrake and parking brake on the rear wheels
- 580mm diameter rubber racing wheels with aluminum rims
- Forward pedaling is combined with a freewheel function when the feet are held stationary while the vehicle is moving